Mission Statement

MGL's primary focus is training health care professionals to be more fully equiped to improve communication and manage high stakes conflict with patients, families and peers.

We provide a wide range of services that include consultation, training and coaching the health care team. Our training programs are designed to meet the individual needs of the clients we serve. Our services include:

• Training doctors (and other care providers) in giving and receiving feedback and engaging in courageous conversations with their peers and subordinates.
• Provide Training-for-Trainers for working with physicians in managing high stakes conflicts.
• Preparing healthcare professionals for mediation when medical error or perceived medical error has occurred.
• One-on-one consulting with health-care leaders on intervening with health care professionals, patients and families when things go wrong.
• Modularized online and face-to-face training in high stakes interventions in health care contexts from two-hour trainings to multiple half-day and day long trainings.

Topics of trainings include: Conflict Transformation Training, Apology and Recovery following adverse outcomes and medical error.


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